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Executables for HZTool

posted 2007-03-10

HZSteer 1.3 released (there will be no 1.2).

Available as a tarball on the downloads page. New features w.r.t. the last release (which was ages ago) include later Pythia versions, use of LHAPDF instead of PDFLib, ability to write out the steering parameters as HepML, use of Alpgen. Some more detail is available here. The release corresponds to changeset 210.

posted 2005-07-29

Version 1.1 of HZSteer has now been released.

There is a Release Note, and a new tarball on the downloads page.

HZSteer is a collection of main programs, steering and other utilities for HZTool. It's primary purpose is to provide the executable programs which JetWeb submits from its backend to simulate high energy physics data. Nevertheless, if you don't want to go to the trouble of writing your own main programs for HZTool, and/or you need a good set of run-time steerable options and/or XML output, HZSteer may be for you!

  • Running HZSteer: At the moment the only documentation for the hzsteer control cards is the comments in the files themselves. However, you should find this tutorial useful.

To receive announcements of new releases etc for hztool and hzsteer, send an email to majordomo@cedar.ac.uk with subscribe hztool-announce in the body of the email.

JetWeb provides a validation tool for Monte Carlo models using HZSteer. JetWeb and HZSteer are both part of the CEDAR project. This project also plans to include development of C++ replacements for HZSteer and HZTool, known as RivetGun and Rivet respectively.

The RunMC package provides an alternative front-end for HZTool (as well as other good things).